Funding the Security of Supply

The costs associated with security of supply are addressed by the extra-budgetary National Emergency Supply Fund, managed by NESA. The National Emergency Supply Fund covers the expenditure involved in the reserve stocks, auxiliary technological arrangements, and preparedness planning.

Where does the money come from?

A security of supply contribution is imposed in connection with energy taxes. The amount of the contribution is 0.5 % of the retail price.

Emergency-preparedness contribution

  • Petrol: 0.0068 EUR per litre
  • Light fuel oils and diesel fuel: 0.0035 EUR per litre
  • Heavy fuel oil: 0.0028 EUR/kg
  • Electricity: 0.0013 EUR/kWh
  • Coal: 1.18 EUR per tonne*
  • Natural gas: 0.00084 EUR/nm3*

* Production of heating energy