Each Government determines, by a decision of the Council of State, the objectives for security of supply

The latest decision of the Council of State on the objectives of security of supply (1048/5.12.2018) states that security of supply is based on international markets and domestic measures and resources.

The objective is to ensure the continuity of production and infrastructure vital to society under all circumstances in such a way that the living conditions of the population and the critical functions of society are secured also in the event of disruptions and emergencies, including a state of defence.

The objectives are divided into two categories: securing critical infrastructure and securing critical production and services.

Critical infrastructure services include:

  • Energy production, transmission and distribution networks
  • Data-communication systems, networks and services (including mass communication)
  • Financial services
  • Transport and logistics
  • Water supply
  • Construction and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Waste management in special circumstances

Critical production and services include:

  • Food supply
  • Health care and basic services
  • Industry
  • Production and services supporting military defence